Online stores
Site Name Type Site Link Phone Online Only 1-877-512-1188 Online Only
Smooth Wind Kites Online Only 331-223-9463
Kite Loft Online & Storefront 410-289-7855
Kitty Hawk Kites Online & Storefront 877-359-8447
Harris Outdoors Online & Storefront 888-960-9115 Online & Storefront 321-613-8697 Online & Storefront 866-241-8960
Big Mike's Kites Online & Storefront 469-554-8370
Kite Guys of Canada Online Only 403-948-1958
KiteSmart Australia Online Only 0417-551-647
KiteWorld United Kingdom Online Only 01255-860041
IQ Toys of New Zealand Online Only 866-37-KITES

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