Meet the top dogs

Jim Christianson - Alpha Dog

President and founder. 30 years experience in sales, design, marketing and general management of top specialty kite company. Winner of the David Checkley Award for Lifetime Achievement in service to the kite trade. Holder of several kite and wind decor patents.

Frank Morrill - Warehouse Captain

Over 30 years of shipping to specialty shops, working retailer's festivals and fixing kite problems provide Captain Frank with the necessary tools to successfully run Skydog's busy warehouse.

Dodd Gross - Sport Kite Design and Promotion

Dodd has over 25 years as a world renowned Sport Kite Instructor and Designer. His flight schools and award winning videos have taught the world to fly. Winner of Masters Competition Championship titles and is a recipient of the Olan Turner Award for Excellence in the Advancement of Stunt Kiting. Dodd is responsible for all aspects of Skydogs framed wing sport kite program.

Randy Tom - Design Consultant

Randy Tom is assisting Skydog Kites as a design consultant, assuring each of our single line kite platforms flies better then any other kite available in the category and is as easy to assemble as possible. Randy is an award winning designer who has been a kite industry innovator since the early 1980's!

Jim Cosca - Kite Event Specialist

Jim Cosca has been involved with kite flying since the mid 1980s as a competitive kite builder, flyer and event organizer as well as a sport kite competition Chief Judge. Jim's been in the industry for 15 years helping kite businesses succeed. He has served as a board member and Vice President of the Kite Trade Association International and is an active member of the American Kitefliers Association.


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